Our Values and Statement of Response

Identity Statements and Current Ministry Priorities

“Grace Evangelical Covenant Church: going deeper in Christ and further in mission.”

Our Values:
Biblical Faithfulness We receive the Bible a the Word of God, grateful to hear it taught and eager to study it ourselves. We value our community’s reliance on the Bible’s direction and inspiration for our life together and individually.

Formational Community We know that one person sharpens another through accountability and encouragement, so we value the kind of life together that helps us to keep becoming more like Jesus at every stage of our lives.

Spiritual Engagement We’re conscious that while God is always present, connecting with him through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit brings healing and transformation. So we value our church’s interaction directly with him, whether in worship, learning, service or anything we do.

Holistic Mission God isn’t limited to some vague, spiritual sphere, but instead brings about wholeness across the board-spiritual, physical, social, environmental. We value opportunities for Grace to participate in all aspects of God’s work in the world.

Teamwork We have individual responsibility to act, but we believe we can be most effective when we plan and act together, so we value collaboration in perceiving and doing the will of God.

Christian Freedom We follow one Lord, Jesus Christ, but we don’t march in lockstep. We know that he calls us from various places to various journeys with him. We value the freedom to obediently live Christian lives with authenticity and vulnerability.